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About Us

After finding so many small businesses were without a website, charities weren't being able to find a website designer for the money they had and having a lot of web based products not on the web that should be! We decided that we needed to do something about this. On the 13th of December 2016 DMV TECHNOLOGY LTD. was registered with companies’ house. In our first year of trading we spent a lot of time setting systems up for managing customer records, invoicing, creating a service where businesses could list their details online for free. Now we have got all that out of the way, it’s full speed ahead on our mission to make the web a better place by making sites faster, built for mobiles and desktops (rather than adapted for one or the other), crafting digital experience that will give out a “feel good” vibe to visitors through psychologically enhanced design and practical, secure website development.

The Founding Director
Daniel Vaughan

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