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Southampton’s #1 Web Design Company

We’re Plexaweb. A web design and development company that also offers related services such as our hand crafted hosting setup. VoIP, hsoted email, graphics and leaflet design and print to name a few.

Founded in 2016 we’ve gone from building websites for a few local businesses to working for companies across the UK and overseas both for their own projects and as a contractor to assist with development, SEO and hosting services.


After a lot of requests from new and existing clients we got involved in print marketing, mainly leaflet design and print in 2018. We’re able to offer some of the lowest costs on printed media across the UK.

(market research from 2019)


When we first started we never expected to get into web hosting, although having a lot of experience with hosting and computing in general. After a lot of experimentation hosting via 3rd party companies we decided we needed something powerful, reliable and something we could put together into bespoke packages for our clients. The solution was to get into the hosting industry ourselves and that’s exactly what we did.

New York

After many reverals and carrying out work for companies overseas (particularly in the USA), we decided to start another website plexaweb.us our North American arm of Plexaweb.

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