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Web Design for the construction industry

Based in Hampshire, England we have clients both national and international, with many across the south coast of the UK. We offer bespoke WordPress websites and custom theme and plugin development.

Why use Plexaweb for your construction company?

You should choose Plexaweb to build the perfect website for your construction because our websites are fast, easy to use and easy to edit.

By utilising bespoke themes we can make sure your website is running with the essentials behind the scenes while making absolutely certain that we’re portraying your construction company as it should be.

By choosing plexaweb for your construction company, you'll get people that know about websites, with an interest in learning more about your construction business and what you want your website to do for you.

3 Web design steps

Step 1 is learning about your business, learning about your customers and potential customers as well as taking the time to examine competitor sites and what we can do to design you a website that represents your business in Havant the way you would like it presented. We do this to achieve crafting a beautiful website that is not only beautiful by how it looks but by how it works for the intended users.

Step 2 is getting to work on building the website; be it a bespoke WordPress theme, eCommerce store, microsite or a fully bespoke site. This step consists of building the design, applying the content and giving you a chance to review the website as it progresses.

Step 3 is handing over the website. For some sites this is as simple as passing over the URL but for others this is a process of educating users in how to use the content management system, helping to setup mail accounts on devices and providing general support where needed.

Web Hosting for the Construction Industry

Included with our websites comes a free year of website hosting for your dental practice.

With more complex sites that require dedicated or VPS hosting this is not something we can include but would be discussed from the outsie in any case.

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