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API Integration and API Development.

Why choose us for API Integration

We’ve put so many hours into designing, developing and testing custom applications that connect with third-parties to ensure a bespoke solution is available for our clients. Web development is now second nature. When it comes to API integration we know what we’re doing.

What is API Integration?

API Integration is the process of integrating your website or web application with a third party though their Application Programming Interface. Depending on what your website does and what the third party does the benefits can really vary.

One example of an API that saves time and boosts sales would be to have an online area on your website where customers can pay their bill.

The Integration would work like this –

  1. The customer enters their invoice number and amount to pay in a web-page
  2. The web application communicates with the accounting software provider using their API to find the matching invoice, this is matched and stored for later use
  3. The web application then presents the customer with an input for payment details, once these details have been taken they’re sent securely to the payment provider using the payment providers API
  4. The payment provider responds to the web application that the payment was accepted, and the web application can now communicate with accounting software provider to mark the invoice has been paid
  5. Further to this the web application also uses a telephone providers API to send an acknowledgment of payment to the customer and an email API to send a receipt.

Usually it doesn’t take long to update an invoice as paid, send a receipt, even send a text. When this is repeated time and time again though the costs involved adds up for your business.

This is just one basic example and of course there is a lot more and a lot less you can do with Application Programming Interfaces and a lot more providers out there.

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