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Are you looking for better email than what your web host currently provides? Get in touch today to find out more about exchange (part of Microsoft 365) and how Microsoft 365 can help your business with Exchange, Teams, OneDrie, SharePoint, Azure and more…

Outlook Email

Professional, reliable email with huge storage limits and good spam protection.


1TB cloud storage with most plans.


Video conferencing software available on PC, Mac OS, Android and IOS.


SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft 365. Document management and online file storage for workgroups, clients, teams and more.

And more…

These 4 apps are definitely the most popular with Microsoft 365 for Business users but there’s a lot more to it than that. There are also third party plugins such as Exclaimer that enhance Microsoft 365 for Business further.

Exclaimer give you the ability to add a signature to your emails that gets added after they’ve been sent. No more issues switching between Mac, PC, tablet and phone.

Why Plexaweb for Managed Microsoft 365 and Support?

We’re a technical company with a lot of experience configuring, setting up and running Microsoft 365 systems. It’s what we always recommend to our web design and development clients serious about email.

We’re qaulified and experienced. If you’re looking for a company to manage your Microsoft 365 then look no further. We’ll be happy to have a chat about your setup or planned setup. We can also integrate Microsoft 365 via their custom API for bespoke setups where web integration is a must!

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