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SEO Southampton

At Plexaweb we take great pride in the SEO services we offer. By analysing your current setup; competition, offsite and onsite SEO setup and where you want your website to be in terms of the type customers you’re attracting and what they are searching for.

We can build a fully bespoke plan that is suitable for your business and what your business does. SEO is never a one size fits all and as an example - where some business may be better suited to additional content others may be better suited to improving their current content.

Increase visibility
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Relevance and Authority

When improving how well a website ranks it boils down to relevance and authority. Making a site more relevant is doing things like increasing a websites keywords on a given page, improving the placement of keywords, increasing overall content and sometimes even reducing keywords.

Improving authority can often take longer than relevancy. Authority is all about backlinks, age of site, social media channels and things that would improve the trust Google has for your business as a brand as a whole.

How long does SEO take?

SEO – Search engine optimisation is not something that will take effect immediately however the sooner search engine optimisation is implemented the sooner you can see improvements in your sites traffic. We typically like to give a 4 month period at the very minimum for changes to take effect (although changes can happen sooner).

Why use Plexaweb for your SEO?

We’ve been building websites and helping business owners reach their goals since 2016 and in this time, we have found that the sites we build (which come with some very basic SEO) perform very well. In the case where competitors have had an unbeatable edge for a long and couldn’t be beaten we have driven websites up past these competitors and improved traffic and sales through ranking in a much more suitable position for the right keywords.

What costs are involved in SEO?

For an initial report there are no costs whatsoever this will include finding any faults that will be seriously affecting your SEO presence and quoting to fix these faults. Beyond fixing faults is ongoing SEO (which we recommend as you will end up with a constant drive to get your site to number 1 for multiple keywords and phrases) this starts at £200 per month and includes building content, backlinks, fixing further errors as they appear, Google MyBusiness optimisation and Google Pay Per Click and Facebook Ads where necessary.

What is involved in SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) isn’t just a service it’s a category of multiple services that will help push your site organically to where you need it to be. This includes making sure that your page titles, meta descriptions, tags, etc are set to the right values, your Domain Authority and Page Authority are improving over time, your content is well structured and doesn’t include duplicates or lots of pages with small amounts of content. But all these are just the tip of the iceberg with all the finer details involved with SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation

For Small Businesses

Understandably with small businesses it’s important to budget with things like marketing and to put limits in the right places. By analysing keywords and learning more about your business and what you do we can help deliver the right options to get your website more visitors per pounds spent.

SEO Southampton

We’ve got a lot experience with helping business rank for different locations especially when it comes to our home town Southampton. By including a location in your keywords you can help your site come up to where you want to be on Goole easier. This means that you’re not dilating yourself for phrases that are to do with what your business does with businesses who are outside your local area. Of course, some business have customers nationwide/worldwide and in these situations there are multiple ways to avoid having to battle with competitors from all over this includes using long-tail SEO keywords, multiple location based landing pages with unique individual content, SEM – Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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