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VoIP Services Southampton – Get a Professional VoIP Line In Southampton

Since 2016 we’ve been helping businesses with digital solutions from web design, to super-fast hosting, we also reliable VoIP solutions that we can build as a unique package for your business.

From a basic landline number -> mobile setup to complex systems with multible SIP trunks and SBC’s we can help you achieve a professional reliable phone presence without breaking the bank and while also giving you something bespoke to your business.


Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is a managed service we offer where we can look after your entire VoIP setup – scalable, reliable and hassle free for your business.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX gives you your own VoIP server with connected trunk(s), with your own hosted VoIP PBX you get complete control of the whole configuration.

Divert to mobile

For many small businesses/sole traders, a mobile divert can be the right choice, providing ultra low setup costs and a simple setup that’s often suitable for 1 user.

Why Plexaweb for VoIP in Southampton

We’re not just a reseller, we maintain the hardware and software for routing calls with our VoIP setup. Many companies are just reselling packages and unfortunately they often don’t know about the hardware or software stack behind the scenes and how reliable or not so reliable this is. This does mean that plenty of companies are selling VoIP on platforms they know little about.

We’re responsible for making sure your calls are functional, of good quality and if you ever get an issue, you can reach us and we can get it resolved this end. Obviously there are some issues that can happen outside of our network but it does mean that once an issue is raised we’ll investigate right away, as apposed to having to raise it with the company we’re resell from and then possibly that company and so on…

Cost Efficient Numbers

We’re one of the cheapest providers around when it comes to numbers and we’ve got access to a wide array of local, national and overseas numbers.

In-house Developed Solution

We’ve got our own in-house developed PBX system that’s been build on industry standard software known for it’s reliablity and efficiency.

Call Recording Solutions

Many providers charge X per month per GB for call recording or X per month per minute. We can offer affordable object storage or you can even bring your own depending on the setup required.

HD Call Quality

With our super-fast speeds and unique developed systems for audio compression, transcoding and call handling, we boast top notch call quality.


Press 1 for this, 2 for that and 3 for something else?

We can help you build outu IVR’s so you can route calls to the staff they need to go to.

Mobile Setups

We can help businesses with getting VoIP setup on their mobile, via SIM’s, diverts or apps. Get in touch today to find out more.

Experienced VoIP Technology Company

We’re heavily experienced in the IT/Web/Hosting industry, coupled with our extensive knowledge of servers and building solutions for businesses we can help you get the right solution for your business without paying over the odds.

At Plexaweb can help with anything from setting up VoIP accounts with an existing provider to setting up your hosted PBX or on-site PBX, handset procurement, diagnostics with existing VoIP infrastructure and more.

We can help you to port your Southampton or non-Southampton number to our system

We can help you with the process of porting your number so the process is simple, hassle-free and doesn’t take up much of your time while you can carry on running your business.

We can help build out packages suitable for national calling and international calling so you get the most from your minutes

We can build out packages so they’re affordable no matter if you’re frequently calling local and mobile numbers or overseas, just get in touch to see what we can offer if you’re frequently calling overseas.

Shared and Dedicated PBX systems

We can set up businesses on our bespoke PBX system or on systems such as FreePBX and host it on our servers that run out of a Hampshire based data centre.

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