WordPress Website Repair

WordPress Repair UK

From database errors to incompatible PHP and WordPress versions, we’ve tackled thousands of issues relating to WordPress sites that have gone down.

Why Plexaweb for WordPress Website Repair

Based in Southampton, UK. We have got a wide range of experience with WordPress design and development as well as diagnosing and repairing faulty WordPress installations.

This is something we are able to provide at a sensible cost and a fast turnaround time. Most issues we come across with WordPress sites that have gone down, have been resolved within 6 hours. In some cases waiting for DNS records to update, etc can increase this time to 48 hours.

Generally speaking you can expect your WordPress website to be back up and running the same day. If you’re issues down to hosting, this is something we can also provide as well as a full WordPress site health check.

Unable to login to your WordPress website?

This is a common scenario that comes up and something we’ve so far never had an issue getting around. Sometimes 2 factor authentication plugins or forgotten passwords can mean being locked out of your website.

WordPress website running slow?

WordPress has something of a reputation for being bulky and slow, however with the right setup, caching in place, correct plugins and correctly written themes, this should not pose as an issue. We’ve had success in bringing sites from loading in 10 seconds down to less than half a second.

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