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Are you based in or around the New Forest and looking for a new bespoke website? Perhaps your business is on Lymington high street, Bramshore or perhaps your business is in one of Verwoods’ industrial estates. Where ever you’re based we’re always happy to come for a meeting to discuss how our services and technical expertise can improve your business.

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Why hire us for your web design project?

You should use us because we always deliver on time and to specification, our communication throughout will be enough to keep you on track with what is going on but not enough to interrupt you from your important day to day tasks and we’ll never give you something that’s outdated, overpriced or of no use to you what so ever. We just want to create great websites.

Web Design

We hand-craft our web design work. This means we’re able to build efficient sites that represents your website exactly as you want it presented.

We also ensure that we stick to best practices with regards to SEO which means any future SEO work is either not necessary as your already in the position you want to be or has a lot of the base structure complete.

This is vital in building websites as it means more than just making a website look pretty. We are making a website that works for your business, has excellent potential and offers an excellent user experience.

Web Development

Web development is important to us and something we treasure as one of our top skills. The difference between a web design company that can also provide development is that we can make custom plugins for WordPress, we can create web apps that integrate with accounting providers and provide real time information from multiple sources, we can diagnose problems quickly and efficiently where other companies may be overwhelmed because of a lack of knowledge with fundamental web languages such as PHP, JavaScript and SQL.

At your service

As well as web design we also offer the following

Positive Feedback

In 2017 we completed a website for a café in Lyndhurst, New Forest called Peggy May’s Café. After completing the work, we heard back from the company, it turns out that 40 bookings a weekend are coming in off their website. It’s ranking very high on Google for multiple search terms and we’re very satisfied that we’ve given another business exactly what they were after.

In 2018 we created a website for Foresters Cottages in East Dorset/New Forest. The owner was very happy with the design and had lots of input on the design themselves which we were able to follow through with and create something truely bespoke.

New Forest Based

We’re based in the New Forest ourselves. This means that we’re not too far away, meetings can be arranged easily, we’ve got knowledge of the local area and we might even know a bit about your company already. If you are a bit further afield though, that’s ok too. We can still arrange a free quotation and possibly even a meeting even if you are a million miles from the New Forest.

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