Year: 2021

5 ways to rank better on Google My Business

Posted on 28 December 2021

Google MyBusiness gives further oppurtunity to being seen in search (not that you should neglect SEO on your website) but it can open another avenue where you can gain organic traffic on your website, calls and physical visitors just from getting above your competitors with Google My Business. Reviews Reviews aren’t entirely in your control …Read more.

How to start VSCode Automatically when you sign into Windows 11

Posted on 20 November 2021

Windows 11 is the operating system we currently use. VSCode or Visual Studio code is our chosen IDE. If you use VSCode often enough, you might be thinking of just setting it up to open automatically… how do you go about this in Windows 11? The Solution The easiest way is to add VSCode to …Read more.

How to find a quality domain name

Posted on 28 October 2021

Choosing a domain name for your website is something you typically get one go at. Once you’ve chosen a domain and started building domain authority and boosting SEO it’s not so easy to change (although not impossible). Short and sweet The problem with using a long domain name is that you give your visitors/customers something …Read more.

How to left align taskbar in Windows 11

Posted on 16 October 2021

Windows 11 is out now and if you haven’t tried it already, you probably should. It’s free to upgrade from Windows 10 and so far after testing, we haven’t found any obvious issues. One thing that did seem to a problem was the new centred taskbar. It looks neat, but out of habbit, we’re always …Read more.

Open Microsoft Outlook Automatically When signing in to Windows 10

Posted on 17 September 2021

We use Microsoft Outlook every day. Every time we start up and sign in we’re checking our emails, replying, updating our calendar, etc. If you’re fed up of having to manually open outlook each time then this guide is for you! When XP was around you could find the Startup folder under the start menu …Read more.

How to choose a broadband provider in the UK

Posted on 14 August 2021

A lot of people on Facebook groups tend to ask for recommendations for the best broadband provider, best broadband provider by area, etc. The truth is, other than Virgin who use their own Fibre and Coax network, the rest are all using BT’s fibre and copper network. This means that unlike mobile providers, there is …Read more.

Google Update May 2021

Posted on 22 April 2021

Launching in May 2021 the Google Page Experience update is on it’s way and we’ll have an impact on search results as they stand at present. This update is significant because user experience will play a role in how well or how poorly a site ranks. Google also said they will be experimenting with a …Read more.

5 Ways to Advertise Your Business Locally

Posted on 14 February 2021

Sign written vehicles Sign written cars/vans. We tried this ourselves once and gained several enquiries. Imagine the enquiries for a business that’s not as niche as web design? If you’re looking to get your vehicle sign written locally there are plenty of places around that do it without needing to travel into Southampton. We never …Read more.

Building your own website in Wix vs hiring a WordPress developer

Posted on 23 January 2021

With services like Wix making builidng websites easier the amount of interest in these types of services has grown massively over the years. Just how good is Wix? Can it beat WordPress for the typical small business? Would we ever build a website using Wix? Keep reading to find out more! A bit of history …Read more.