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Synology DS120j Product Review

Posted on 27 November 2022

Synology’s budjet DS120j may be on the lower end of pricing but backs some amazing features for people and small businesses looking for a cheap NAS box. Being a web design & development company we store data and as part of our backup stratergy we utilise a DS120j for backing up our Hyper-V server to …Read more.

Building your own website in Wix vs hiring a WordPress developer

Posted on 23 January 2021

With services like Wix making builidng websites easier the amount of interest in these types of services has grown massively over the years. Just how good is Wix? Can it beat WordPress for the typical small business? Would we ever build a website using Wix? Keep reading to find out more! A bit of history …Read more.

How to open Microsoft To Do Automatically

Posted on 18 April 2020

Please note this guide for Microsoft To Do will only work on Windows 2021 Update – YouTube Video Added Like many businesses, we use Microsoft To Do. If you haven’t heard of it or used it yet, it’s a great little app that allows you to create tasks, lists of tasks, set deadlines, reminders, etc… …Read more.

Google Digital Garage — Alton, UK 2018

Posted on 30 September 2018

Business owner event not to miss… We saw a Google advert on social media about a month before we attended Google’s Digital Garage event and decided to go and see what it would be all about. Upon arrival and throughout the day there was tea and coffee going for free. The room was full with …Read more.

Buffer – The tool for social media

Posted on 22 August 2018

Marketing a business online can be incredibly difficult but with this tool, things can be so much easier. Since we started using buffer we wouldn’t look back, it’s made us that much quicker and that much more efficient. Why would we? Buffer We see it on a regular basis. A company sets up their social …Read more.

Review of Exclaimer Cloud for Office 365

Posted on 25 July 2018

    A little while back we were having problems where our email signatures were behaving very strange on different devices. We started using Exclaimer and haven’t looked back since. This excellent tool ensures that your employees are using the correct signatures and are always displaying disclaimers when they’re supposed to. Even on devices that …Read more.

Why your website should be using WooRank

Posted on 28 January 2018

WooRank is a super fast, super easy-to-use SEO audit and digital marketing tool. With WooRank you can take your website and gather a lot of information about factors that play a part in your websites SEO. These variables all add up to give you an overall score of how your site is performing. You’ll also …Read more.

Why your business should be using VoIP

Posted on 17 January 2018

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be cheaper and more efficient than your standard phone-line connection. For business purposes it’s ideal… as long as you’ve got an Internet connection that is. You can have phones in multiple locations, answer multiple phones at once and even ring your mobile and land-line at the same time. Calls …Read more.

Why your small business should be using Office 365 for Business

Posted on 17 December 2017

Microsofts Office 365 has been in place since its release in 2011. Since then it has grown into a very handy suite of tools, incorporating Exchange, Skype for Business, OneDrive, SharePoint and office based web-apps. For an additional premium you can also get access to Microsofts offline Office applications. To really get the benefits of …Read more.