Year: 2022

How to open Microsoft To Do Automatically on a Mac

Posted on 15 February 2022

A little while ago we created a popular blog post on how to open Microsoft To Do automatically on Windows. Due to how popular the post has become, we’ve decided to come up with another: How to open Microsoft to do automatically on a Mac. Step 1: Start Microsoft To Do First step in getting …Read more.

Are free website builds on Facebook a scam?

Posted on 1 February 2022

If you’re part of local groups you may have seen a script just like this one: “Would anyone be interested in a free build and design of a professional website? We are looking to increase our portfolio within this area so you will only be required to cover your own domain and hosting. Private message …Read more.

How to open Microsoft OneNote automatically

Posted on 18 January 2022

Please note the following guide has only been tested in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Onenote is a useful tool for taking and sharing notes. We use one note as much as we use Microsoft To Do and Outlook. If you’re the same you should check out Open Microsoft Outlook Automatically When signing in to …Read more.

How to setup geo-targeted landing pages

Posted on 6 January 2022

Geo-targeted landing pages are pages setup specifically for gaining traffic from traffic from people in specific physical areas searching for keywords relating to your business. There are many reasons why a business might want to use geo-targeted ladning pages. These include: Businesses that work remotely Businesses between two cities, towns, etc Businesses with multiple physical …Read more.