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5 Things that are killing your website

Posted on 9 May 2018

We all want a stunning website, one that looks great and ranks high on Google however certain things could be killing your website without you even knowing about them. This is why today we’ll go over 5 things that could be killing your website and how these can be resolved.


1. Broken links

Where Google is concerned any amount of broken links doesn’t sit well. Any broken links on your site should be sorted promptly to avoid any sort of drop on SERP’s. W3’s link checker is a great tool for checking pages for broken links. Be sure to really check out any websites you’re thinking of replacing those broken links with. Linking to poor content may only hurt your SEO further.

2. Not enough organic visitors

We believe it’s a well known secret that Google often changes results based on how often a particular page gets clicks over another. If you’re getting a lot of traffic through social media and links but you’re not getting many organic hits, don’t be surprised if your website sits on page 7 of Google for a search term you believe you should be number 1 for. You can easily build up organic visitors through marketing your website in a way that your visitors need to find you. – “Find us on Google and Bing by searching for website design Southampton.”

3. Not enough content

Content is king. If you’ve got a lot of pages that are diluted with CSS and images but not enough content then you’re not going to land where you want to end up. Try keeping blog posts to a minimum of 1000 words. This site can help with checking your content to code ratio.

4. Not enough inbound links

Google will not rank your website as high as you’d like if you’re inbound links are far and few between. You will also strugle if you’re website is linked to by poor websites. This is definitely a big one that could be killing your website. To gain more inbound links we recommend trying to write and post good informative content on a regular basis, it also helps if you can get this content on social media platforms too as you’re much more likely to hav

5. Your website is not mobile friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is one of the most important things today. There are a lot of websites around that aren’t mobile friendly. Since Google has become mobile-first these websites are finding themselves lower on search results. If you’ve got a website that’s not yet mobile friendly, please get in touch with us today.

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