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5 Ways to Advertise Your Business Locally

Posted on 14 February 2021

sign written van with cafe on side

Sign written vehicles

Sign written cars/vans. We tried this ourselves once and gained several enquiries. Imagine the enquiries for a business that’s not as niche as web design? If you’re looking to get your vehicle sign written locally there are plenty of places around that do it without needing to travel into Southampton.

We never left the New Forest when we had ours.


Leaflets! This is something we can design and print. With low prices (especially on bulk print runs) and amazing design software! We’ve designed and printed these for plenty of local businesses. You may have even had one through your letterbox.

There are plenty of local distributors around and in our opinion if you’re looking to distribute leaflets, check out out Royal Mail door to door.

You can also place leaflets in newsagents, on shop counters and other places people go to get extra exposure for your business. (Always seek permission first)

Local Newspapers

Newspapers. Depending on where your customers you may want to opt for something that covers a larger area. Also, it’s probably worth taking into account who your customers are. Some papers will have different audiences to others.

When we tried this for a year, we got a very small return. Just remember though, it may not be the same for your business. It could have been the type of reading material we were placing our ads in, more than “newspaper advertising” as a whole.

Social Media

Social media is a very broad subject. We’ll stick to Facebook for now.

With social media you’ve got organic reach (unpaid impressions) and paid reach (paid impressions). One thing powerful thing about social media is you’re able to limit your ads to only the local area.

There are plenty of ways on Facebook to advertise. You can boost posts, advertise the page itself, push out videos that appear in feeds, and more.

One thing we often encourage businesses to do is to run a competition; like and share this post to win…

You then boost the post initially and the shares do the rest. That’s just one idea how you can get good value from your money when promoting your business on social media.

Get in touch today if you’re looking to advertise on social media but not sure where to start.

Search Engines

Similar to social media, you’ve got organic and paid reach on search engines. With paid your able to limit to the local area. We utilise PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google and stick to about 40/50 miles around the New Forest area.

Of course with search, you’re going to want a website in order to gain from oganic and PPC.

It’s worth noting that it’s easy to get PPC wrong and you should always make sure that you’re not limited by your budget if you can.

As an example…

If you need 100 clicks in order to average 3 paying customers. You’ll need enough of a budget for 33 clicks to average 1 customer each month off of PPC.

If you need help getting your business “Our there”, please get in touch today!

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