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4 Ways to keep on top of your blog posts

Posted on 5 June 2020

After a quiet-ish April we found May to be one of our busiest months to date. We weren’t able to put out a blog post (with the aim of doing at least 1 per month) because this would have taken away too much time from getting projects complete. One big reason we’ve found though with consitency is that people often forget.

Phone reminders

The problem with reminders… Everyone sets reminders for everything Today, birthdays, dentist appointments, meetings, seeing friends. We have so many reminders on our phones sometimes it’s hard to keep track, especially when you’re trying to run a business too.

If you’re phone isn’t clogged up with reminders then perhaps you’d be an ideal person to set reminders for your blog post writing time. As long as it works for you then why not?

Sticky notes

Maybe you’d be better off with sticky notes? These come in handy for reminders and if you want your own branded sticky notes please feel free to get in touch.

One problem with sticky notes is that when you rely on these a little too much you might end up with a bit of a mess…

That said, if it works… it works!

Microsoft to-do

Now if you’re a frequent user of Microsoft to-do and find you have it running the moment you sign in then this solution might be for you. This is a great little hub for keeping all your To-Do’s together and is probably the easiest piece of software to learn how to use. You can even synchronise your to-do between your phone, tablet and PC

One pitfal is that it’s something else to rely on and something else that you might just choose to ignore after a bit of time.

Wall calendar

Almost every house has one of these… it might be a little tedious writing out 12 times over “Write the blog post!” but it works and you don’t have to be as reliant as technology. You will have to write out “Write the blog post!” 12 times at the start of each year but if you’d prefer to stay away from the tech and don’t want the clutter of sticky notes then perhaps this is for you.


That concludes are post for today, thanks for reading.

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