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6 ways to get the most out of social media for your business

Posted on 26 December 2017

For the last decade social media has played a roll in getting traffic to websites. Anybody can take advantage of this, be it a one man band or massive corporation. All you need is one or more social media accounts or a business page. This all depends on what the social media website has in place. To keep things simple we will stick with Facebook for this blog post.

Set-up the page

The 1st step in getting your business on social media is setting up the page. You need to make sure it’s inviting and that on Tablets, Mobile Phones, Desktop and Laptop PC’s it offers a great experience.

Fill out as much information about your business as possible. If you’ve got opening times, make sure your customers know this. Make sure you’ve uploaded a good quality profile picture that represents your business and that your cover photo is the best it can be.

Don’t be afraid to invite friends to like or follow

Once your page is all setup you need to make sure that you’ve invited as many of your friends as possible to like it or follow it. This is helpful because you may post content in the future which leads to your friends sharing it and their friends finding it of interest, leading to more followers. The more followers you’ve got the quicker you’re going to gain new followers (providing your doing all the right things).

Post regularly

Thinking of things to write and posting them is time consuming enough without having to do it again and again. There are apps and services which allow you to post to more than one social media account. If you’re using WordPress I highly recommend you download SNAP AutoPoster, it’s ideal for automatically sharing blog posts and posting quick messages to all your social media accounts.

Engage your followers

An easy way to engage followers is to post questions and competitions, this will lead to them answering questions and taking part in competitions. You probably see a lot of posts that says – “Like and Share to be in for a chance of winning a new TV”. These companies are doing this because they’re know they will gain more followers. People sharing and liking will make the competition post come up on their friends news feeds. If you do this often you’ll probably see your followrs rise very quickly. It’s a great idea for building up more leads in exchange for stock. It doesn’t have to be an expensive TV either.

Creat a two-way relationship

Don’t leave your followers in the dark, if they reply to a post with a sensible question, I suggest your reply fast. This shows that you’re organised and will help build trust with pottential or existing customers. It’s also worth keeping up to date with messages too, facebook now gives people an indication of how long a business typically takes to reply based on previous messages.

Make sure posts are on point

We don’t know who your target audience is but you should, if you can taylor posts to meet their “lingo” then you’ll be on the right track to keeping them on-board. If not then you may find that they lose interest. You don’t want to step too far away from how you want to portray your business either otherwise you won’t stick out. There has to be a balance.

If you’d like to get a customer profile picture and cover photo for your business then get in touch today.

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