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Are backlinks important for your website?

Posted on 26 November 2019

Backlinks – are they important for small businesses? Will they make a difference to the amount of traffic your site receives? (As said by Amalia James in the first video we edited for her) – Yes! Absolutely!

If you’re going to get your site ranking higher, you’ll definitely want backlinks. Low quality backlinks can be worse than no backlinks at all though so watch out!

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links to your website from another.

Do backlinks return enough traffic to the time they take to build?

That depends on the quality of the backlink. Higher quality backlinks that have been better thought of and made strategically will give you more traffic than those that are not.

So why do you want backlinks?

1. You’ll passively gain traffic without ranking high

If you’re fighting to rank a particular page but it’s been hard work and you’re not seeing any improvements yet, you may find putting effort into backlinks will help as you’ll get a passive positive flow of traffic (quality dependent) without having to worry too much about where said page is ranking on Google and Bing.

2. You’ll rank higher than before

Google loves backlinks, Google also loves low bounce rates (where people engage in your site), by building high quality backlinks, you’ll get a better spot on Google and Bing.

3. You’re position will appear more stable

Are you trying to rank on Google for a keyword but you just can’t beat the competition? Check out their backlinks. When you’re doing well at certain SEO factors, a lot of fluctuation typically disappears because on average you’re website is doing amazing!

4. You’ll have chance easily winning business over competitors

This one is pretty obvious really. The more backlinks the more traffic and the higher you’ll rank.

5. You’re website will be more likely to gain more links

The more people viewing your web pages, the more chance you’ll have of your pages being linked to. This could typically be by bloggers, forums, news sites but the important thing is that you’ll have a domino effect of links being built upon links.

How to Setup Links

To generate backlinks yourself, you need to look for opportunities. Don’t use a generic backlink building site – It’s bad for SEO. Just keep an eye out for areas on sites where you may have resources on your site that is related to the content on the website you’re visiting. The more content you have, the easier this is to do.


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