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5 Ways You Can Boost Your Google My Business Listing

Posted on 9 July 2019

Website SEO is great. Google My Business SEO is great too. With Google My Business you can list your details including your website on through Google and even get them to rank higher than your website. It’s another method of gaining more visitors and getting more calls.

1. Content

Just like on-site SEO – Content is king. You can add content to your Google My Business listing by creating posts. If you get the smartphone App this is an easy task. You can post an update, add an event, add an offer, add a product or a photo. It’s similar to a Facebook or Twitter post but displays in the Google search results alongside your business listing.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Listings with little information aren’t going to be very helpful? Of course Google understands this and that is why you’ll have a better change at ranking above your competitors by filling all the blanks – Web Address, Telephone Number, Opening Hours, etc..

3. Get Reviews

Getting reviews adds more helpful information to your listing. This does go for poor reviews too. So don’t worry too much about the odd poor review because they’re beefing up your Google My Business listing and making your business look more genuine. Does an overall 5 star rating on Google look genuine all the time to you?

4. Verify Your Locations

Google allows you to verify your Google My Business address. You should do this as soon as possible if you haven’t already as it will help with getting your business listing ranking high.

5. Be Relevant

Google will show your listing to people searching for content that matches or is similar to that of your listing. This comes back to filling in the blanks really but just make sure you’re doing this for what you’re trying to sell and what your want to be found for.

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