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Should you upgrade from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1

Posted on 12 February 2023

PHP 8.1 is miles away from 7.4 and brings with it a host of new features and improvements. If you are currently using PHP 7.4, it may be time to consider upgrading to PHP 8.1. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of upgrading and why it’s worth the effort. Performance Improvements …Read more.

5 reasons why you should upgrade from Wix to WordPress

Posted on 12 February 2023

More flexibility and customization options WordPress is an open-source platform, which means that anyone can modify and customize it to suit their needs. With WordPress, you have access to thousands of themes and plugins that can enhance the functionality of your website. You can also create custom designs and layouts, add custom code, and integrate …Read more.

How to update your WordPress URL from PHPMyAdmin

Posted on 16 February 2022

Sometimes we’ll run into a site that has had it’s domain updated but before the previous domain expired the website wasn’t updated to the new domain. We’ve also run into websites that have been partially migrated from a staging setup to production where a backup has been used instead of transfer. This has meant the …Read more.

How to start VSCode Automatically when you sign into Windows 11

Posted on 20 November 2021

Windows 11 is the operating system we currently use. VSCode or Visual Studio code is our chosen IDE. If you use VSCode often enough, you might be thinking of just setting it up to open automatically… how do you go about this in Windows 11? The Solution The easiest way is to add VSCode to …Read more.

Building your own website in Wix vs hiring a WordPress developer

Posted on 23 January 2021

With services like Wix making builidng websites easier the amount of interest in these types of services has grown massively over the years. Just how good is Wix? Can it beat WordPress for the typical small business? Would we ever build a website using Wix? Keep reading to find out more! A bit of history …Read more.

How to get your site on Google and Bing in the first place…

Posted on 31 October 2018

So you’ve just got a new website? That’s great but have you checked that your web designer/developer published your site on search engines like Google and Bing? If not, have you done this yourself yet? This be #1 on the to-do list if not. Google To get your site on Google, your best solution is …Read more.

WYSIWYG vs custom code design

Posted on 29 July 2018

For as long as web pages have been around, people have been trying to make website design easier and easier. There’s so many different IDE’s and WYSIWYG software around, it’s hard to know the right and wrong ways of building a website. Not just building a website though but building a website; that is valid …Read more.