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How to get your site on Google and Bing in the first place…

Posted on 31 October 2018

So you’ve just got a new website? That’s great but have you checked that your web designer/developer published your site on search engines like Google and Bing? If not, have you done this yourself yet? This be #1 on the to-do list if not.

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To get your site on Google, your best solution is to setup a Google search console account (previously web master tools). From there you can then add your site, there is some verification involved but it’s pretty straight forward there after. The good thing about search console is that you get some great insights into how well your site is doing. There is also a notification area where you can find out about what issues are effecting your site on search.


With Bing, you’re looking at much the same setup. Bing Webmaster tools also gets you to verify your domain. After you’ve completed this step, you’ll start seeing how well your site is performing on Bing. It’s definitely worth investing the time getting your site on both though, despite Bing not being as popular as Google, every visitor on your site is a bonus, is it not?



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