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Google Chrome is changing in July, do you need SSL?

Posted on 28 May 2018

Google wants websites in its search results to be more secure, from just google are going to be updating their Chrome browser so that instead of just displaying an explanation mark to the left of the URL it will also be displaying a message saying, “Not secure”.

google https change

How do you know if your website is secure?

In the eyes of Google, all you need is a valid SSL certificate displayed.

It used to be that having an SSL certificate was only for websites where sensitive information was being handled. Time has gone on and now having an SSL certificate has become more of a requirement. Whereas before, often seen as an extra for securing communications.

It’s no surprise that the move to an all-encrypted-web is coming. Especially with the population in general getting more concerned and wiser to security and privacy.



Other benefits of using an SSL certificate besides the Google Chrome update

A lot of reasons exist for deciding on having an SSL certificate in place. The benefits your business would achieve from having an SSL certificate in place are as follows:

  • Ability to pass sensitive information, without having to worry about that information being intercepted.
  • A more professional look. Having an SSL certificate in place may make your business appear more established.
  • Will make your website look more up-to-date, as having an SSL certificate is now the “in-thing”.
  • The ability to build secure web-apps under your domain. (be it for public or internal use)

As well as the reasons we’ve outlined above, there are many more advantages for going with an SSL certificate. Furthermore, the negative effects are minimal. You may experience minor effects on performance and the cost of having an SSL certificate, depending on what you go for.

Concerned about the Google chrome update?

If you’re feeling concerned about the Google chrome update and are wondering if your website should be using an SSL certificate, our answer from this point on is going to be yes.

We do however have pricing options on various types certificates. Get in touch today for more details.

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