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How to find a quality domain name

Posted on 28 October 2021

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Choosing a domain name for your website is something you typically get one go at. Once you’ve chosen a domain and started building domain authority and boosting SEO it’s not so easy to change (although not impossible).

Short and sweet

The problem with using a long domain name is that you give your visitors/customers something hard to remember. The majority of people will probably access your site by Googling you. If you ever need to spell it out over the phone or someone decides to read it off a business card and enter it into address bar… that is when you might run into trouble with a long domain name.

Choosing the right extension .com,, .org

Extensions are something else to deal with and knowing your customer or potential customer can be important when choosing a domain name extension. Typically .org is used by charities, groups and non-profit organisations, is used for local businesses with customers in the UK and .com may be utilised by businesses operating international.


Domains need to be memorable. Sometimes taking out words such as “the”, “ltd”, “company” will make that domain just the little bit easier to remember.

Can’t have another awkward meaning

Sometimes a domain name can be read in more than one way. This is about the only time we recommend hyphens –

This is probably where you want someone else to check your doman to make sure they read it as you do.

Include what you do

Providing you don’t end up with a long domain and you are unlikley to change what you do, sometimes including what you do in the domain can be handy. Such as – a website we built. The word cafe doesn’t add too much length to the domain but does indicate what peggy mays cafe is all about.

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