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How to get more out of your business cards

Posted on 8 June 2018


So, you’ve got your business cards, now what? You want to get these out and get business in. Here’s some ideas on how to get your business cards out in public.

Existing customers

Depending on the type you’re in, you may have a good enough relationship with some or maybe even most of your clients. We all know word of mouth is a great when it comes to getting more clients if not the greatest.

Satisfied customers that keep coming back can be a great help in expanding your growing business. By handing business cards out to these you may find that they’ve got a lot of friends looking for services like those that your currently providing. The next time you gain a satisfied customer it may be worth handing them several business cards for them to give out to friends and family.

Mail orders

Is your business the type of business that sends items by post to clients regularly? It may be worth including a business card, possibly even a flyer with extra information on your products and services… you never know what other services your existing customers may be looking for. If you’re already a supplier of theirs and you’ve built a good reputation, why would they want to use someone else?


Next time you buy yourself a portion of chips or pop to the local shop, be sure to look out for places where other people are already advertising. The more shops the better, generally someone must see an advert several times before a name sticks.


Go to where your target market is and get talking. This one requires a bit more effort. It can offer a great turn around in the number of customers you’re acquiring though. You’ll need to work out where you can find your ideal customer. Once you’ve worked that one out though, you’re half way there.


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