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How to left align taskbar in Windows 11

Posted on 16 October 2021

Windows 11 is out now and if you haven’t tried it already, you probably should. It’s free to upgrade from Windows 10 and so far after testing, we haven’t found any obvious issues.

One thing that did seem to a problem was the new centred taskbar. It looks neat, but out of habbit, we’re always heading towards bottom left to click on our start menu here at Plexaweb.

The Solution

If you right click the taskbar area you’ll get Taskbar Settings appear. Left click on this and the settings window will show.

From here on you can scroll down to Taskbar behaviours and click on this to expand it.

Final step is to click on the dropdown to the right of “Taskbar alignment” and change from centre to left.

And that’s it done.

Windows 11 for business

With most versions of Windows and other software we (and other businesses) tend to hold off for the bugs to be ironed out. This version of Windows though seems to have the bugs already ironed out. At least has been the case for us thus far anyway.

Please can eye out for more Windows 11 tips and tricks!

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