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How to open Microsoft To Do Automatically on a Mac

Posted on 15 February 2022

A little while ago we created a popular blog post on how to open Microsoft To Do automatically on Windows. Due to how popular the post has become, we’ve decided to come up with another: How to open Microsoft to do automatically on a Mac.

Step 1: Start Microsoft To Do

First step in getting Microsoft To Do to automatically start on an Apple Mac is starting Microsoft To Do. Assuming you’ve already installed it from the App store, you’ll need to open spotlight with command + space bar keys. From here you just type “to do” and press enter on the Microsoft To Do icon.

Step 2: Set Microsoft To Do to start on startup

Now we’ve got Microsoft To Do in the dock – from here you’ll either need to right click (if you’ve got right click enabled) or CTRL + click on the Microsoft To Do app. You’ll then need to hover over options and lastly “Open at login”. You may also find it beneficial to go to options again and click on “Keep in dock”.

Much of a shorter post than the Windows guide but it’s much more straight forward to do this on a Mac.

You can also perform these steps on other apps so that upon signing into Mac OS they start on there own too.

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