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How a small business can take advantage of affordable hybrid Apps

Posted on 20 March 2018

So you’ve got a business and you’ve got a website with a very useful feature but you’re not retaining visitors?

So an App? something people can download to their device and keep as their go-to for your product or service but have you seen the price for having an application developed even just for one platform? We’re not talking hundreds or even thousands for that matter. Try 10,000 at the minimum. That’s what most are looking at paying out for an app at the minimum. A hybrid app be a great cost saver.

What’s a Hybrid App?

A hybrid app is basically a web browser without the address bar or the favorites bar or any other features for that matter. It just displays the web page or the web app in a lot of cases.


From just £2000 you’re web app or website could very well be an app and the benefits are as follows:

  • More affordable
  • No need for multiple updates to different platforms
  • Supported on Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices
  • Retain website users more easily

Are Hybrid Apps any good?

A Hybrid app is not going to be anywhere near as good for integration as a native app (an app that has all the features built in, rather than fetching a web page or series of web pages) however that being said if you find a security flaw in your web app you can be sure that this will be rectified on all devices once the update has been made. Which is much better and cost effective again as a security flaw on a web app which also involves native apps may require several updates for each platform (web, ios, android, etc…)

Hybrid apps are far from a new thing and lots of companies started off this way, Facebook and Instagram being just too of them. In the early days they didn’t know how well their apps were going to perform so why spend a load of money on native apps when you’re unsure?

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