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Websites your business should be listed on

Posted on 24 October 2019


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Before we had broadband there was the yellow pages. We now have which allows you to list your website for free. Although we haven’t received a great deal of calls and emails from Yell it probably depends a lot on what your business does. What we do know is that a link to your website (no-follow or not) can only help your website in a positive way.

Google My Business

Being a Google product – Google my business usually gets a top spot on Googles search. This is more of a social network than a directory. As well as receiving reviews and providing your address, phone number, website and so on… You can also post updates and upload pictures. Make sure you fill in all the blanks with this one and get as many reviews as possible. Google do a good job at keeping you updated with statistics too.


If you’re a fan of Facebook or not, a Facebook page adds a lot of authenticity to your businesses online presence. Facebook has over 350 Million active users and is the 3rd most visited website after YouTube and Wikipedia. Facebook tends to be a bit more involved than the other directories. If you’re going to create a Facebook page you’ll want a good quality profile picture and cover photo too. It’s important to note that Facebook pages are different from Facebook accounts and that you’ll need a Facebook account to create a Facebook page (although we have heard of ways around this).


This is a place that gets more positive than negative reviews. and apparently “35 percent of Yelp users will visit a searched business within 24 hours of searching Yelp.”

Local Directories

If you provide local services, always be on the lookout for local website directories. These will help as you’ll be less swamped by competition from all over like what can happen with Yell.


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