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Why your business should be using VoIP

Posted on 17 January 2018


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be cheaper and more efficient than your standard phone-line connection. For business purposes it’s ideal… as long as you’ve got an Internet connection that is. You can have phones in multiple locations, answer multiple phones at once and even ring your mobile and land-line at the same time. Calls can often be cheaper too.

As an example of this to call a UK land-line number via BT at the time of writing is;

  • 13 Pence per Minute

A reputable VoIP provider

  • 1.25 Pence per minute


This can result in a huge saving, you might find that you’re paying a lot less than what I’ve quoted for BT via talk-plans and other similar services but a lot of VoIP providers offer plans like this too.

Moving office?

You might find that keeping your number while changing provider or moving is hassle and sometimes you may even get into the situation where this hasn’t been possible. The only thing you have to move with a VoIP connection is the phone itself, possibly the base station too, if your particular setup has one that is.

Receive a lot of calls?

We’ve all phoned the local kebab shop and been greeted with a busy tone. It’s unprofessional.

With a VoIP setup you can have as many phones as you want and they can even ring if someones on the phone. How about that?

Work alone?

Have you ever missed a call while being away from your home office? VoIP allows you to send calls to your deskphone/handset and mobile phone at the same time or you can set it up so your office phone rings, then your mobile after several rings. There are other options too but you’ll have to speak to the providers on these.

Looking at receiving fax?

A lot of VoIP providers also offer additional numbers for fax-to-email too.



As you can see, VoIP offers a lot of benefits over a standard land-line. A good piece of kit to start with is this Gigaset SL450A GO DECT Telephone with Intergrated Answering Machine (Single). You’ll need a VoIP provider too. We’d recommend a UK based provider. Remember to always check the call pricing and reviews.

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