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Web Hosting Explained

Posted on 4 February 2020

Unsurprisingly not many people know what web hosting is. Specifically non “techy” people. Hopefully after this article you should know a bit more about website hosting and the different technologies used…read more.

How to get your business noticed on social media

Posted on 16 January 2020

Since starting up we have grown from 0 likes to just over a massive 300 (that was sarcasm by the way…). This isn’t massive but we provide websites to businesses. It would probably be easier if we were…read more.

How to target multiple locations with your website

Posted on 2 January 2020

Many companies we deal with in Southampton, Bournemouth and across the New Forest are dealing with customers in multiple locations.

Often what we see is their homepage is setup to try and rank for many…read more.

2020 Website Features

Posted on 20 December 2019

With the new year fast approaching and all those fresh ideas coming up here and there. Here is what features we expect will come with 2020. At least what we hope we may see in the New Year.

Dark and Light…read more.

Are backlinks important for your website?

Posted on 26 November 2019

Backlinks – are they important for small businesses? Will they make a difference to the amount of traffic your site receives? (As said by Amalia James in the first video we edited for her) – Yes! Absolutely!

If…read more.

Websites your business should be listed on

Posted on 24 October 2019


Image result for yell logo

Before we had broadband there was the yellow pages. We now have which allows you to list your website for free. Although we haven’t received a great deal of calls and emails from Yell…read more.

5 Ways You Can Boost Your Google My Business Listing

Posted on 9 July 2019

Website SEO is great. Google My Business SEO is great too. With Google My Business you can list your details including your website on through Google and even get them to rank higher than your website.…read more.

5 Amazing ways to gain more likes on your Facebook Page in 2019

Posted on 14 May 2019

For some types of businesses it can be hard to get likes on Facebook. Especially when the level of competition is high.


Fortunately not all of these business owners aren’t as proactive as what you…read more.

Can blogging help your website rank better on Google?

Posted on 3 May 2019

It’s understandable that blogging takes time. Especially blogging consistently – which is recommended if you want your website to rank well. As well as this, you also need to make sure that your blog content…read more.

How to find images to use on your website for free

Posted on 17 April 2019

If you search on Google or Bing for images to use on your website you could (probably**) be breaking the law. Some people are quite aware of this but others are not so aware.

Why you could be breaking…read more.

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